Despite Angela Merkel being elected as the Chancellor of Germany for the fourth time, the German parliament will witness a newcomer to the corridors of power: the Alternative for Germany (AfD). AfD is a far-right party that has garnered 13.5% of German vote. The point of concern is that the mainstream parties like the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and Socialist Democratic Party (SPD) have performed their worst in elections since the 1940s making room for a far-right political party in the Bundestag- the German Parliament.

Was the entry of AfD unexpected? It was not totally unexpected. The party has been promoting its ultra-nationalistic propaganda for quite some time now. One can foresee a significant shift in the politics of Germany with AfD in the parliament.

It is a bit too early to comment on the impact of AfD on the political culture of Germany, Europe as well as the European Union. However, some predictions can be made keeping in mind what the party calls itself. AfD promotes itself as a patriotic, democratic, and conservative party. Experts call them as an association of right-wing extremists.

In the years to come, AfD will come hard on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from different parts of the world. It is natural, though highly condemnable, as AfD has come to the German parliament on such promises. While fuelling the air of nationalism, AfD will make possible attempts for abolishing the European Union to gain more support for itself. The promises of capitalism and globalization bringing unprecedented freedoms and wealth have proved empty. Hence people are falling prey to the propaganda of the demagogues

Under Merkel, Germany in the midst of Refugee crisis of 2015 emerged as the moral conscience of Europe 70 years after Nazism was defeated. While every other European nation witnessed the emergence of far right and neo-nazi political parties’ appearance in their parliament in the past few years, it was Germany that had kept far-right political parties at bay. But the equation has turned upside down in Germany as well in the recently held elections.