A group show of paintings titled ‘Punj Khat’ featuring works of six artists opened at the Unicorn Art Gallery Tuesday. The salient feature of the exhibition is the artworks by iconic painter Ustad Irfan Ahmed Khan.   Rabia Yaseen is a studio-based PhD researcher and visual artist for last eight years. Her work in the exhibition comprises the ideology and realisation of mysticism that is represented through metaphoric visual vocabulary. Rituals, practices and the affiliation with the subject groomed her as an artist to amalgamate them with textual metaphors and our own cultural connotation of colours.  Calligrapher Irfan Ahmed Khan artworks are also on display comprised of overlaid calligraphic designs based on wasli papers. Many of his themes deal with the oneness of God. “We learn from our past and try to improve ourselves. Every new moment comes with a new lesson, every new day blossoms with new opportunities and targets, which portrays a new art frame according to the perceptions of the individual,” he explained. Asad Faruki has been a graphic designer with more than three decades of work in the field of art and design. His main interest is with the text, English and Arabic. He paints the female form. He has exhibited his paintings internationally in group and solo shows. Asad has given in his works an ironic twist to images with the calculated use of materials in his work. The exhibition will continue till Oct2, from 11am to 8pm.