Everyone thinks, scientific methods made our lives easier than previous times, because their works are being done by scientific methods. At the other hand, we have created and creating many disadvantages by using scientific methods, like Cycles, which is a scientific method to move here and there, by it we can reached to our destination as soon as we can, but always going to anywhere can give us many diseases, like sugar, blood pressure and paralyze, these all are the most dangerous diseases, and after that a big disease, which can’t be treated easily, that is cancer, which is produces because of factories, old cars, and pollutions, these all things are made with scientific methods. 

Students lives are being damaged through using scientific thing that’s mobile, firstly, it makes us busy, and can break the relationship between a father and a child. When we Start using it our concentrations towards anyone get closed. During examinations it never let anyone to prepare for papers, and if no preparations, then it will be the reason of cheating, and cheating never leads any individuals to be successful in their lives. 

Global warming is common now a days, because of scientific methods, factories also release carbon dioxides, which go in earth and reduce a big hotness, due to it our cities or countries are too hot, and hotness can disturb the farmers to do planting vegetables, which is the need of every individuals. 

It is much better to be combined with both of methods, such things need no any scientific methods, but because of laziness we use scientific methods. So, we have to take care of ours and the living things of our beautiful earth. 


Kech, September 4.