We have been a little too late to realise the factual situation of our education system at higher levels; where scholars do not know the meaning of the word “scholar”, except having a roll of paper called a degree and reading out the names of students coupled with their grades in classrooms.

This pathetic scenario has been described by the Chairman of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in which he bluntly explained his own experience that the candidates who were willing to be appointed as Assistant Professor didn’t know about their own research work or dissertation for which they got their degrees. Most of them were totally blind about the word “research” and its basics.

Not all, but most universities produce large numbers of degree holders, instead of producing research scholars who would be able to work for the next generation. He drags the attention of the honourable Governor on the issue and explained that M.Phil and Ph.D research work can be bought from the people who produce fake research work on demand.

It is a matter of deep concern that the research scholars who have spent their whole lives for their work are appreciated internationally but neglected in Pakistan, driven from their own homeland to other countries by those who do not allow such competency in their own constituency. I know such a pure, loyal and honest researcher who retired as the Dean of Life Science from University of the Punjab. Prof. Dr. Tanveer Akhtar has done remarkable research on Leukemia and is admired by the American Society of Hematology (ASH), but here in our own country her contribution and research was worth nothing except a bulk of rubbish, so she was given retirement. She was not given an extension for her services, nor was she given the status of Professor of Emeritus – an honorary title given to eminent retired professors.

Distance learning was an approach through which the people who can’t bear the expense of regular tutoring could be given opportunity to complete their education. Numerous personalities of the globe are witness to the benefits of this system of education, but unfortunately since we have lunched it we are now producing degree holders that are practically illiterates. Comparatively feeble mechanism of the whole hierarchy from admission to exam have flopped this system while the concerned officials always take the credit for the strength of the students which pass through. The people who pass from such institutes hope for a good white-collar job on behalf of their degree. Unfortunately such educated illiterates always need to seek the alternative ways to get the jobs.

The Chairman of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) shared his deep concern for the sake of the future where we need educated and loyal people who would be able to serve and lead the nation. It is on record that the libraries of the varsities even no space to dump the research work which has done by the scholars, but it is also fact that most of the work does not meet the standard of research work.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken stern action against such researchers including faculty members who were serving on high ranks in the university and who got involved in producing plagiarised research work - they removed them from their offices. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) should chalk out a strategy for the researchers, particularly for the faculty members who have engaged themselves in multiple administrative or non-academic activities. The government has spent time and money for such PHDs. Scholars who earned their degrees from international institutions, joined public sector universities and got evolved in internal politics while the students were neglected due to the non-academic atmosphere of the institutions. It is really amazing that the faculty members who have no time to attend their respective classes have hundreds of research papers which are incredibly continuously growing. They have time to visit the globe but no time to take care of their own future. Unfortunately, such teaching faculty members have not been selected through set pattern, but they would be chosen by their strong references with the people who serve on administrative key-posts.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the other concerned authorities should work on this growing practice and halt it on its early stage otherwise the fake researchers would be appointed as Assistant Professor and Professors in the public sector universities. The future of the nation will be dark as educated illiterates would be growing drastically compared to the innovative and competent scholars.


The writer is a Research Scholar of Mass Media.