ISLAMABAD - The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Wednesday recommended appointing special envoy for promoting a better image of the country. Briefing media about the deliberations of the two-day meeting, CII Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz said it was observed that the situation of religious freedom in Pakistan was far better than other countries and there was need to make concerted efforts for portraying the country’s image in that regard. The Council, he said, recommended for evolving a unanimous national narrative on Kashmir by taking on board all the stakeholders. The CII adopted a unanimous resolution condemning Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir, besides abrogating its special status and thanked the civil society and other countries for raising voice against India. The Council asked the United Nations and world powers to support Kashmiris’ in their just struggle for winning self-determination. The Council expressed its reservations over Dr Ishrat Hussain Committee report in which change in the status of CII and Federal Shariat Court is recommended.  The report totally ignored the clauses 227 to 231 of 1973 Constitution, it observed. Dr Qibla Ayaz said that any attempt to change the status of CII would be in contrary to the Constitution of 1973 as the Council was tasked to recommend changing un-Islamic laws through a peaceful mechanism.


He said that the CII had endorsed the decrees of Ulema for elimination of polio and feared that Pakistan could face economic sanctions due to polio spread.

The Council thanked the Ministry of Science and Technology for expressing confidence in it regarding lunar calendar.

The CII, he said, had forwarded various suggestions for observing same day Eid and beginning of Ramazan and it would continue its efforts in coordination with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony in that regard.

The CII Chairman said that the Council expressed its dismay over the increased incidents of suicide and noted that the capital system, price-hike, deteriorating economic conditions, media and education system were main causes of depression and hopelessness in society.

The Council recommended taking of concrete steps for strengthening the family system.

He said that the Council also recommended ensuring uniformity in payment of medical allowance to all the government employees in line with medical reimbursement being paid to them.