Being a Pakistani we always heard about the successful experiment of MISSILES Technology and others weapons of Army. It’s a good thing because they are very important for our security and safety from enemies. Unfortunately, we never think about the Successful experiment of Economy and business, good governance, poverty , illiteracy, water shortage and many more problems in Pakistan.

No doubt, Pakistan ‘s army is the one of the powerful and best army in the world. it is doing her job very well. They are getting technology from all over the world and producing weapons and machinery for their use and for exporting to other countries. It is a good thing and best formula for development. Pakistan has many problems and I think the solution of all these problems is only successful experiment of economy bomb. When we will make our economy strong and powerful we will be able to talk about other issues like Kashmir, Muslim Ummah and minority of India. But without doing this Experiment of this bomb we are nothing in the eyes of world and our enemies.

Our enemies know that we have nothing only nuclear weapons. We don’t have enough food for poor public. We don’t have reserve for imports. our currency is falling day by day. We are borrowing money from all the world. we are borrowing from IMF and from our Friends. Poor has no friend, people and nations want to make friendship with Rich and prosperous not with losers. Our economy is facing uncertainity and lack of confidence and persistence of current government. Our export industry is declining day by day and increasing poverty and inflation rate enormously. Industrial sector is declining.

Recently, inflation rate has reached at the highest level in the history. People are crying due to wrong policies of current government. Rate of petroleum items, Electricity and Gas has been increased. People want relaxation and subsidies on food items and basic necessities. Unemployment rate is increasing day by day but government and other institutions doing nothing for the salutation. They are busy in taking revenge from politicians of opponent parties.

When Pakistani nation will heard about economy bomb and its successful experiment??? Without dong this experiment we can’t do nothing. We can’t fight with our enemies, we can’t convince world for the freedom of Kashmir, Muslim Ummah will not listen our statements and our ideology unless we do the experiment of economy bomb.

When we will do this, we will be able to talk with India, Iran, Afghanistan, China, USA and Muslim Ummah about all issues on equal basis without fear and hesitation. When our economy will be strong , investment would be increase and investors will come here from all over the world for their profit. When our economy will be strong our Army will be strong. We will be able to provide more new technology and weapons to our army. Without economy bomb, we cannot do anything.

When our economy will be well-built we will be able to construct new universities, roads, railway tracks, dams, airports, factories and many more. It will increase exports, investment, jobs, goods and everything.

I want to request our PM and Army Chief that please think about the economy bomb experiment as soon as possible for the betterment of Pakistan and our generations. When you will think about it, God will provide opportunities for this noble cause. It is the need of time.

Eventually, I want to say that without this experiment we are zero and will remain zero forever. If you want to be a successful nation and country then you must do planning for it. People of Pakistan want such experiments and tests. Give them the right path of living with dignity and honor.