ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party leader Senator Rehman Malik has said that US President Donald trump will be a true candidate for Nobel Peace Prize if he helped resolve the Kashmir issue.

“If President Donald Trump gets the Kashmir dispute resolved through his mediation he will be entitled to get Nobel Peace Prize. Let us hope that responsibility of negotiations with Iran yields some result which will leave long positive effects to maintain peace within Middle East and South Asia,” he said.

The PPP leader, who has been advising the government of Pakistan and Donald Trump, expressed his fears about the escalating tension between India and Pakistan and on the other side between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Senator Rehman Malik in a tweet said: “Conflicts of Indo-Pak & Saudi vs. Iran are emerging highly dangerous for peace for these two regions. World must come forward to end these two serious conflicts. Give chance to peace and not to allow these regions into war zones.”

Senator Malik, a former Interior Minister of Pakistan and currently heading Senate Standing Committee on Interior, interestingly in all of his tweets has tagged US President Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan that he could be heard and his advice shall be well taken.

Senator Rehman Malik recalled that when Saudi and Iran were at the verge of war, he as Interior Minister had defused tension between the both Muslim states.

Senator Rehman Malik had tweeted: “Present Situation between Saudi & Iran is pushing Middle East near to War and I have been advocating that Pakistan should  play role to mediate between Iran &Saudi. It is circumstantial call emerged for Pakistan to manage two Muslim countries on table to resolve their complex ego issues.”

He continued his suggestions and tweeted: “Pakistan should come forward and offer mediation between USA and Saudi and Iran to save Middle East peace. Let PM Imran Khan offer US President his role to mediate between USA, Saudi Arabia & Iran while appreciating his offer of mediation between India& Pakistan. This act of Pak will be appreciated by Saudi & Iran.”

Rehman Malik enthusiastically thanked President Donald Trump for agreeing on the offer of mediation by Pakistan between USA and Iran. 

He tweeted: “Thanks Mr President Donald Trump for agreeing to my earlier proposal of Pak mediation between USA-Iran two days back as per my tweet below. Let us see now the negotiation skills of PM Imran Khan as to how he uses this opportunity for Pakistan & how he links it with Indian Occupied Kashmir.’’

Senator Rehman Malik however, has left the advisory note stating that this was the time for Prime Minister Imran Khan to show his skills of negotiations to be successful.

He has also referred it to be seen as to how Prime Minister Imran Khan connects the Kashmir issue and highlights it taking advantage of role of mediation.