SIALKOT - A delegation of as many as 141 male and female Sikh Yatrees from UK and India visited Gurdwara Baabey Di Beri here on Wednesday.  According to Sardar Jaskaran Singh, caretaker of Gurdwara Baabey Di Beri Sialkot, the UK-based Sardar Ranjeet Singh Rana led the delegation. The Sikh Yatrees performed their religious ritual there and distributed sweets and charity foods. Several Sikhs also refreshed their per-partition memories. They also hailed the splendid hospitality by the Pakistani government. On the occasion, they expressed gratitude to Pakistani government for looking after Gurdwaras and other sacred places of the Sikhs in Pakistan. They said that the minorities are enjoying complete religious freedom in Pakistan, as the Pakistan government has been making all out sincere efforts to protect the basic rights of the minorities in the country.