ISLAMABAD - Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri yesterday said that social media especially Facebook has become a main source for playing an important role to create awareness among masses. Around 2.4 billion peoples including 40 million from Pakistan are using social media, said Suri during in a workshop titled “Connecting with people on Facebook and Instagram” organized by Facebook in collaboration with PIPS and National Assembly secretariat here.  He said that it was the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to improve the style of governance through E-governance.  “Government is taking measure to improve it on priority basis,” said the acting speaker while mentioning that there was a need for positive use of social media, which can help improving the image of the country.  Citing the example of Malysia and Sri Lanka governments, he said that both the states have used the social media for promoting tourism industry in the country. With the help of social media, Suri viewed, tourism in Pakistan can also be promoted. The social media administration needs to give important to all the provinces including Balochistan, which is largest province by area.

He strongly discouraged the negative use including hate-mongering material on social media. He said there was a need to suspend the accounts of users spreading hate-speeches related to religious thoughts on social media.