ISLAMABAD   -   Islamabad Excise and Taxation department has returned 2 stolen vehicles to genuine owners after the vehicles were brought to the excise office for registration, according to the officials. 

According to Bilal Azam, Director Excise, the vehicles were stolen from different parts of Punjab. The department returned the vehicles to genuine owners through police. In the first week of September, the excise office teams had seized four stolen vehicles and handed them over to the Rawalpindi police so that they could be processed before being returned to their owners. 

Those vehicles were also brought to the excise office for registration, according to Director Excise, Bilal Azam.

These vehicles were detected as stolen while checking records and conducting physical examination. Vehicles are physically checked while ownership of registered vehicles is verified to avoid tampered vehicles from being registered. Few months ago, the department had recovered around 18 vehicles. Physical inspection of the vehicles had disclosed that their chassis number had been tampered with and were registered as stolen with police stations in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The department has decided to issue E-Tags for every vehicle to minimise car theft incidents in the federal capital.