Telligence agencies and the reason behind it was nothing but to create an environment of war with Pakistan.

While talking to The Nation, Rattan Das Kumar a local leader of Hindu Community in Pakistan said that all the innocent Pakistani Hindus were killed by the Indian secret services; adding, that Indian media have been making the wrong claims regarding their alleged suicides.

He maintained that the Indian government was yet to share any details any reports regarding the deaths these Pakistani Hindus; adding, that if they have taken their lives themselves then why the Indian government is reluctant to show the post mortem reports of the deaths to the world.

Meanwhile, addressing the mass protesters Dr Ramesh Kumar who is also the head of the PHC said that they did not want to enter the Indian Embassy or cause any damage, but wanted to record their protest with clear warnings.

He stated that if the Indian claims regarding the alleged suicides of 11 Pakistani Hindus in India then why the Indian government is reluctant to share the details and reports of the death, he added.

He claimed that the death of these 11 people through the brutalities of Indian government was like a tip of iceberg. Dr Ramesh Kumar claimed that many other Pakistani Hindus would have been killed by Indian extremists but they are not reported.

He elaborated that their main demand was a transparent investigation to the death of 11 Pakistani immigrants in India; adding, that all the Human Rights Organizations across the world should take notice of such brutal killings of Pakistani Hindus in Modi’s India. While admiring the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) Dr Kumar said that all the Hindu Community of Pakistan were proud to be Pakistani because the SCP had termed the Hindus and other religious minorities of Pakistan as non-Muslim Pakistani citizens. Earlier this weak, the Hindus leader Dr Kumar had called on Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and sought his cooperation in pressurising the Indian government to share the details of the deaths of Hindus in India.