ISLAMABAD-Jennifer Lopez has been teasing fans with new music she said was ‘right around the corner.’ And the 51 year old dropped her first singles in over a year, Pa Ti and Lonely, featuring Maluma. On screen, the Hustlers star flaunts her toned figure in wrap shirts, mini dresses and lingerie as she struggles with the law and embarks on a romance with her driver played by the 26 year old Colombian singer. The video opens with wide views of a sprawling mansion and estate, with lush manicured lawns, gardens and fountains. In a palace fit for a queen, the On The 6 hit-maker sits beside pink roses on a balcony overlooking the lavish grounds. With her hair wrapped up in a white towel, she sits in a white top, with a cut-out chest, and adorned in diamond necklaces, earrings and dark shades. She reads a newspaper, as she sits with her morning coffee and a large plate of fruit. Maluma comes into the video with a reality much different than JLo’s.