LAHORE   -    Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameeruddin Medical College Prof Sardar Mohammad Al-freed Zafar has stressed the need for promoting breastfeeding, saying no formula milk could be a substitute.  Speaking at a ceremony held here Friday in connection with Breastfeeding Week 2020, he said that mother milk develops a strong defense system and immunity in the infants that help to fight against diseases. Prof Zafar said that mothers should feed infants at least for two years.  He said that this was also effective method of family planning.  He said that women who breastfeed regularly have a lower rate of breast cancer.  He said that breastfed babies are mentally healthier which makes their intelligence and “IQ level” better than other kids and they do not suffer from airborne diseases easily.  He stressed the need for raising awareness among women about benefits of breastfeeding and hazards of formula milk.  He said that large number of newborns initially suffer from diarrhea and other ailments and do not reach even their first birthday due to absence of shield provided only by breastfeeding.