LAHORE  -    One more child has been paralysed for life after contracting poliovirus, officials confirmed on Friday. With the emergence of a new case from Bahawalpur district, number of poliovirus victims in Punjab this year have reached 10. During 2020, poliovirus has paralyzed 74 children across Pakistan. Majority of the cases have been reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Eight month old child is living in poor socio-economic conditions in remote area of Ahmed Pur East in district Bahawalpur. This is the second polio case reported from tehsil Ahmed Pur East. The crippling virus has paralyzed all four limbs of the ill fated child besides affecting his face and neck. As per the officials, the male child who is son of a labourer is in a critical condition due to co morbidities and weak immunity. Pakistan has had a difficult year in terms of polio eradication so far due to COVID-19. Due to long gap in polio campaigns, the virus has spread to all major cities. Polio programme has ,however, resumed monthly vaccination campaigns in order to break virus transmission and save more children from falling prey to the crippling virus.