Actress Charlotte Kirk files lawsuit against Hollywood movie moguls

ISLAMABAD (- British actress Charlotte Kirk has filed a secret lawsuit against three Hollywood producers in an attempt to lift a gag order relating to a 2013 incident in which she claims she was forced into having non-consensual thing to secure a film financing deal. The lawsuit reportedly relates to Australian billionaire James Packer, and filmmakers Brett Ratner and Avi Lerner and ousted Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara. Sources told that the petition was filed under pseudonyms. Kirk now wants to lift a gag order to speak freely about an alleged incident that took place at Hotel Bel-Air on September 26, 2013, despite signing a confidentiality agreement last year.

Arctic sea ice reaches second-lowest minimum on record

ISLAMABAD - Analyses of satellite data showed that the Arctic ice cap shrank to 3.74 million square kilometers (1.44 million square miles), making it the second-lowest minimum on record. Experts cautioned that the announcement is preliminary, and there is still a possibility that changing winds or late season melting could push the ice extent lower. The map at the top of this page shows the sea ice extent—defined as the total area in which the ice concentration is at least 15 percent—at its 2020 minimum on September 15.

 The ice extent (white) on that day was far lower than the 1981-2010 average extent for the same day (yellow line). 2020 and 2012 remain the only years when sea ice extent has fallen below 4.0 million square kilometers (1.54 million square miles).“The minimum this year is the unsurprising result of a continued long-term decline in Arctic sea ice,” said Alek Petty, a sea ice scientist NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The lowest 14 ice extents on record have all occurred in the past 14 years.