The Government had recently announced that all educational institutions throughout the country will reopen from the 15th of September and this decision has raised eyebrows of many people. Parents and students are being assured that strict SOPs will be enforced in all the institutions.

We are well aware of the fact that except for a few institutions many of the schools and colleges are not up to the mark to meet the requirements that are necessary if they are to be opened in such difficult times. Most of the schools and colleges are in congested places and the classrooms are also very small where maintaining social distancing is almost impossible. 

Apart from that, the majority of the students go to their respective institutions using public or private transportation in which people are made to sit very close to each other. So maintaining corona SOPs in transport vehicles is also impossible because the transporters are also not willing to take a very limited number of students in their vehicles as it will be costly for them. Countries like America and England which are far ahead than us in all fields are also reluctant regarding the opening of educational institutions because they fear a resurgence.

Although the number of corona patients in Pakistan has reduced, the virus has not been eliminated from the country. Until and unless all the SOPs are not strictly enforced and followed by students and teachers the decision of opening educational institutions can backfire and we might have to undergo a second wave of the deadly virus.