KARACHI   -   Turkish delegation on Friday called on Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani at Karachi Metropolitan Corporation building. The delegation comprising Dursun Ali, Bayron Ali, Muhammad Suleman and others, said a spokesperson of the KMC.

Speaking on the occasion, Shallwani said that Karachi offered plenty of opportunities especially in the development sector. Karachi faced challenges like water scarcity, lack of transport and collapsed sewerage system and they had to learn from Turkey’s experience and expertise to overcome the issues, he added. The administrator said that last week, Turkish Counsel General came to KMC and tendered support for tram service in Karachi, adding that they welcomed the Counsel General offer. Shallwani also invited Turksih construction sector work to Pakistan particularly in Karachi.

“Turkey is our brother Islamic country and people of both the countries respect each other. Pakistan and Turkey are already working on joint adventures and this should be expanded so that the people of both Islamic countries can come even more closer,” he added.

The delegation head said that ZKB had carried out all the works in stimulated period and used good material as per its tradition.

He vowed to complete all projects of KMC by maintaining use of good material in the future as well.

The administrator said that Turkey had developed a lot especially in the development sector, adding that Turkish companies having experts had carried out unique works in Pakistan.

He said that they welcomed Turkish support in different sectors and hoped that our Islamic brother country would continue its support to resolve chronic issues of Karachi including water scarcity, lack of transport and collapsed sewerage system.

“The KMC wants to expand support and investment of friend countries in Karachi. Our first priority is to give the people every possible facility and infrastructure and every company and institution that wants to work for betterment of Karachiites will be welcomed for the purpose,” said Shallwani.