A lot of hue and cry is being raised, not just by the columnists and anchorpersons, but to my utter surprise, even by PML-N, which had originally endorsed the Nizam-e-Adl bill. With the exception of Ayaz Amir, who had started airing fears about the probable spillover effect of Talibanization from Swat to other areas of Pakistan, everybody had supported it in the beginning. Overnight, the ANP has emerged as the real villain of the deal and MQM is being lauded as the true hero and savior of our destiny. Why can't we, for once, have faith in ourselves and in our strength to defeat bigotry and fanaticism. It seems as if we are ourselves goading the Americans to take further military action against us in order to save our nuclear arsenal from falling into the hands of the extremists. We want liberal and progressive Islam to thrive without making the necessary sacrifices needed to ensure the realization of Jinnah's Pakistan. -JIBRAN NIAZ, Lahore April 22.