Mr. Shaukat Tareen had taken over the charge as Adviser on Finance with great expectations of economic revival. Unfortunately, though, there are no signs of improvement on the horizon. There are two issues he needs to clarify; first, the oil imbroglio. The prices of crude oil have slumped from $150 to $50 a barrel but there is no relief in sight for the people. The government says it is saving Rs 12 billion a month on this head, which will enable it to repay the loans. But the ground realities are that the external and internal debts have increased massively during the last one year. I request the Chairman Public Accounts Committee Ch. Nisar Ali to get the matter thoroughly examined. It is feared that under the garb of repayment of loans, this money being used on non-productive expense. In addition to the prices of petroleum, allied products of petroleum, like the motor oil, are also being sold at the same high prices despite a steep fall in their prices internationally. Obviously, some vested interest is in play. Secondly, the government is running from door to door for obtaining foreign loans that if procured, would only add to the total debt burden on the already oppressed masses. The question arises, how does the government plan to pay back these loans. Mr. Tareen should provide answers to these questions. -ABDUL WAHEED KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, April 15.