JUST two days after the PPP showed its intention of quitting the Punjab government and its Ministers started packing up, Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, trying to avoid any headlong rush into a new political crisis, approached Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani with a request not to leave the coalition. The two leaders, who began interacting with each other more frequently after the reinstatement of the judiciary and the restoration of the Punjab government, also discussed the overall political situation of the country with special emphasis on the steps needed to contain lawlessness at their meeting in Lahore on Sunday. Mian Shahbaz's initiative to bring the PPP back on board would not only help remove misgivings between the two mainstream parties caused by incredible trails of broken promises but would also inspire them to a renewed commitment to the Charter of Democracy. But then the PML(N) leadership also needs to review its decision of not rejoining the federal government. It has to give up the habit of having its cake and eating it too. The argument that the PML(N) can continue extending support to the PPP government by sitting on the Opposition Benches in the National Assembly would strengthen the perception that it avoids sharing the blame for the latter's failures. It bears repeating that this peculiar mindset is against the spirit of running a coalition and hence it needs to change if the country is to be run democratically and saved from military takeovers in future. Mian Shahbaz needs to properly advise his brother rather than leaving him at the mercy of hawks in the party who have been pushing him to brinkmanship.