Loadshedding is going from bad to worse this summer. Sunday night was a horrendous one in this regard as the duration of the loadshedding stretched to 12 hours in most areas of the provincial capital. Everyone is at nerve ends and everyone complaining due to the scourge of power outages. People are most agitated about the unscheduled aspect of loadshedding. In addition to loadshedding, Lahorites are also suffering from the other annoyance of the summer season; the mosquitoes. All other problems, though, seem irrelevant compared to loadshedding. The authorities say that power outage is often a maintenance issue. While it is true that due maintenance is necessary for keeping any kind of machinery in working condition, people say why can't our electrical grid be maintained like it is done in developed countries? It is deplorable that nothing can be done to ameliorate the horrible situation we are in. -UMAR BHATTI, via e-mail, April 14.