FORMER Punjab CM Ch Pervaiz Elahi does not have to care about the rationality or the lack of it while making observations in public when the purpose remains to oppose every issue supported by the mainstream political leadership. A case in point is his description of the Nizam-i-Adl Regulation as a recipe for peace. The statement given by him in an interview with Waqt Television channel on Sunday came at a time when even the leaders of the religious right are getting worried about the activities of Taliban and the TNSM. It is also puzzling to find him advising the government not to accept foreign aid at the cost of national security. Rising from deep slumber he is suddenly reminded of the need to protect the country's sovereignty that was so blatantly compromised during the military rule over the past nine years. Perhaps he could not make the people forget his repeated assertions to elect General Musharraf as President in uniform over and over again despite the worst repression the dictator had unleashed against his own people to please foreign masters.