KARACHI - The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) on Monday announced to launch a campaign against the detention of the Pakistani fishermen in India jail. In this regard, the forum will take out a rally from Sindh Assembly building to Karachi Press Club on Wednesday (tomorrow), said the PFF spokesman Sami Memon. The PFF official said that a number of people from Indus Deltal including women, elders and children, whom beloved were detained in the Indian jail, will take part in the rally. The purpose to organise the rally is to draw attention of the government towards the overlooked issue of targeting poor fishermen said Sami. He said that thousands of families of the detained Pakistani fishermen have been suffering, as their bread earners were arrested in the charges of crossing unmarked sea border. The PFF official urged the government for the legislation to ensure the security of fishermen while going to open sea for a catch. He added that there was no any information regarding the 17 missing fishermen belonging to Bhit Island and Karachi, they went missing recently from Delta while left their villages for a catch but could not return home. He further said that as many as 153 fishermen were detained in the Indian jails, beside them, 60 others disappeared from the sea when deadly cyclone hit the area. Mostly the detained Pakistani fishermen were suffering with ill and they needed proper medical treatment, the PFF requested the Indian authorities to release the suffering fishermen on humanitarian basis. The PFF said that the issue of arresting poor fishermen from marine water by the security forces of India and Pakistan has panicked the community both the sides and they feel their lives are at stake. Several frightened people are reluctant to move their small vessels in deep waters. PFF spokesman said that earlier they initiated move against this cruelty but PPP legislators assured them to take the issue at federal government level to find a permanent solution, but no serious initiative has been taken so far. There is need to take initiative effectively with the community support, inviting all the human rights groups to raise the voice at international forums. Mostly the people of Indus Delta coastal villages in Pakistan are falling victims of this approach of the certain coastal authorities of India.