ISLAMABAD - Speakers on Monday urged Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to adopt good governance for increasing efficiency and stressed the need for collaboration and the role that should be played by all segments of society for the co-ordinated development. They were speaking at a seminar entitled Good Governance and Sustainable Development in the CSOs arranged by Human Development Foundation (HDF) on the occasion of ten years of its accomplishments at a local hotel. A large number of people from all walks of life attended the seminar. Speaking at the augural session Ahsan Iqbal, chief guest, said the success of a society lay in good governance and sustainable development as time had come for knowledge revolutions to create an analytical mind rather than keeping a finger at the lips all the time. We need to develop an agenda for change in the society for stability in political set up and democratic process, he added. He said that we should be more reactive in setting our priorities and should spend more on education and health sectors than defence. We should go through participatory systems. That is the only way for good governance in the country, he maintained. Ahmad Bilal Mehbob, Executive Director, PILDATE stressed the quality of governance, national security and its implication on governance, ideological sperms and romance of charismatic personalities. He said that there were more than one hundred thousand NGOs operating in Pakistan according to Ministry of Social Welfare database but could not make any change in the country due to repeated political interference and non-accountability process. Azhar Saleem, CEO, HDF, said that their system was not working well for the last 62 years as they were supporting each other only for personal benefits but not working for the society. There is no dearth of resources and talent but through collaborated efforts we can bring change by using the talent and resources. He recommended getting associated for the purpose following holistic approach for the promotion of the society. Dr Atiya Khan said introducing a proper channel of accountability could bring a change and leaders could play a role in this connection. At the end of the seminar, HDF Excellence awards were launched for the individuals and organisations for the contribution in any one the field of health, education and economic development to recognise their services for the society.