KARACHI (PR) - Apropos the news item appeared on 21-04-2010, this is to put on record that Karachi Port is being operated and managed by expert professionals of diverse fields. The present team of port managers and policy makers is led by a very competent lady, for the first time in the history of Ports of Pakistan, the Chairperson Nasreen Haque, who assumed the charge on 9th June, 2008 is a senior officer of the civil services of Pakistan and possesses a vast experience in challenging institution and departments such as Pakistan Railways, Port Qasim Authorities, EPB and Mass Urban Transportation. Having previously served at PQA, managing its vital issues, she had been soundly involved in drafting the first-ever shipping policy of Pakistan. KPT has re-invigorated the marketing department of the port and has successfully progressed in harnessing new businesses for the port. The KPTs Human Resources Department has been re-organised on modern lines to create effectiveness and efficiency. While responding to market demands and with the approval of present Government, KPT has reduced its port charges and is offering services comparable to other ports of the region. The port being the principal port is playing a special role in the national development process by attracting private sector investments for major development projects.