ISLAMABAD In yet another story of blatant violation of rules and complete disregard to merit, a lucrative contract worth more than Rs 10 billion is to be awarded to Presson Descon International Limited (PDIL) against the prescribed rules of Pakistan Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA). This newspapers information reveals that OGDCL invited bids last year for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (EPCC) for Uch Gas Field located in the Bugti area of Balochistan, where a power plant is to be installed utilising the processed gas for power generation. Several companies had participated in the bidding process and OGDCL had appointed a government owned company ENAR Petrotech as operator for the evaluation of the bids. ENAR has reportedly recommended to OGDCL to disqualify all the companies except PDIL, a company owned by Abdul Razzak Dawood who was Commerce Minister in the early years of Musharrafs regime. As per PPRAs recommended procedure, three most technically suitable bidders are selected for the financial bids and out of them, one bidder that offers the lowest price bid is awarded the contract. In the particular aforementioned contract, only one bid is to be opened which means that the comparison between bidders on price cannot be ascertained that clearly violates PPRA rules. Procurements carried out by any organisation like that of OGDCL are to follow PPRA rules. Although PPRA rules do not specify minimum number of bidders for competitive bidding, yet the rules make it prerequisite for any bid to be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder which can only be determined after open competition among bidders and the cost of various bidders can be compared to determine the lowest evaluated bid. It is reliably learnt that the same contract would be awarded next week when the Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) would 'invite the company for public opening of commercial bid. As mentioned previously, PDIL, quite strangely, would be the only company the bid of which would be commercially opened without the participation of any other company. TheNation on December 10 last year had broken the story of massive irregularities for kickbacks in two mega projects, Manzalai Gas Field and Gurguri Gas Plant that were also awarded in a similar questionable manner to the same company. The concerned officials of Petroleum Ministry and National Accountability Bureau had expressed ignorance towards the matter when they were contacted in course of preparation of the particular news report, back in December. Shah Mahboob Alam, Acting Managing Director OGDCL, was approached at his official landline number on Monday but he was unavailable for comments while his cell phone was switched off. Another personal number of the Acting MD provided to this scribe by the 'R & I section of Petroleum Ministry went unattended despite being tried a number of times.