ISLAMABAD Much publicised action plan to tackle energy crisis simply ignored an estimated potential of 45,000 MW aggregate electricity generation from run of river, mostly small and even mini hydropower projects. Even the proposals coming down from the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) did not make any mention of mini hydropower projects that require rather medium term if not short-term for completion. All that WAPDA told the recent meeting under Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani involving provincial chief ministers that approved the so-called action plan was identification of 25,000 MW potential. According to the WAPDA proposals, which Sindh opposed vehemently, hydropower generation potential was without affecting the major watercourses as well as flows but all those were big if not mega projects, well-placed sources informed TheNation. On the other hand, sources quoting a non-governmental report informed, German not-for-profit company named GTZ has already assessed the potential of 45,000MW power generation through the run of the river projects on the same river Indus even. According to the sources, all Pakistan needs is a comprehensive investor friendly policy encouraging setting up of mini and small hydropower projects through public private partnership if not altogether independently as were the IPPs and RPPs. Commenting on the current energy action plan, the sources informed it could yield hardly any relief either in terms of conservation or in enhancing the generation capacity on immediate basis other than triggering public unrest out of the traders agitation. This is just another way of naive experimentation on part of the Government, the sources further informed. The sources were of the view that the PPP Government was in a fix to tackle the energy crisis and like always it tends to seek refuge behind one excuse or the other for the failure of its ad hoc policies. In the first place, it experimented the energy saving bulbs to lessen the intensity of the crisis followed by the flawed policy of Rental Power Projects. The experiment of sunlight saving also could not work and now it had gone for two holidays a week and strict timing for the merchants and traders. The sources pointed out that all these experiments had already been wronged by the previous governments one way or the other. What was required was seriously as well as sincerely handling of the situation with determined political will to get out of the imbroglio. Then there were a variety of options not only to resolve the crisis but also to ensure the futuristic energy security of the country, the sources further informed.