It is said that when an old cock crows, the young one learns. In Urdu this idiom is translated as kharboozay ko dekh ker khrbooza rung pakerta hae. This is absolutely true. We used to hear the bombast from Prime Minister, President and ministers of the ruling PPP. Of late, that duty has been taken up by a senator of the PPP who told us on television the other day that PPP has honoured 80 percent of its promises. Well, that was a bit of a shock for the 180 million people of Pakistan. We never realized that a cataclysm of that scale had already taken place with out us having even a clue?But, then, the PPP senator had to be upstaged and the opposition has the Chief Minister Punjab. He had, you might recall, boasted a few months back that he wouldhold your breathchange the thana culture. Turns out he has had another vision on Monday, April 26. The Nation of that day would tell you that Mian Shahbaz Sharif thinks The days of corruption are over. Yes Sir. Now I know the good Khadim-e-Aala has a funny bone that rattles somewhere every now and then but to think that days of corruption are over, is may be stretching a joke too far. To us Pakistanis, all governments provincial as well as federal are running on these hollow, empty promises and brags stretched too far out. The hope is dying every passing day. Democracy, it seems, is not everything. Democracy is nothing if it is not backed by probity and literacy. And we have neither. -GULBAZ KHAN AFINDI, Akora Khattak, April 26.