ISLAMABAD (APP) - The government will not pay even a single dollar for the transfer of guided missile frigate from USA to Pakistan Navy. Clarifying news item published in a leading newspaper on 21 April 2010 pertaining to transfer of guided missile frigate from USA to a press release of Pakistan Navy says, contrary to the fact it was stated that Pakistan will have to pay US $78 millions for the purchase of 30 years old frigate. In fact, the guided missile frigate USS Mclnerney would be transferred from USA to Pakistan Navy under Foreign Military Funding (FMF). Foreign Military Funding is allocated to all the three services of Armed Forces through Joint Services Headquarters. US$ 64.77 millions, which include cost of ship, refurbishment, ammunition and ships crew training would be paid through Foreign Military Funding (FMF). A contract has been signed between Unites States and Pakistan for the transfer of USS Mclnerney in this regard. The contract will enable Pakistan to take over USS Mclnerney at US Naval Station Mayport, Florida on August 31 this year after which it will be commissioned as PNS ALAMGIR. A comprehensive refurbishment of the ship will be undertaken under the supervision of US Navy, which will be completed by Dec 2010. Successful culmination of this contract will also pave way for acquisition of more ships of same class for Pakistan Navy to raise a squadron of 8 Perry class Frigates, says the press release. This will greatly enhance operational readiness of Pakistan Navy. It is re-emphasized that Govt of Pakistan will not pay a single dollar for the first ship and the subsequent seven ships, which Pakistan Navy will acquire.