ISLAMABAD - The telecom sector of Asia is shaped in such a way that it has become exemplary even for the West still there remains a dearth of research and learning activities among ourselves. Sardar Latif Khosa, Minister Incharge of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, said this while addressing an international expert forum on Mobile 2.0 Applications and Conditions. He hoped that such efforts would go a long way in building stronger relationships among countries and providing a platform for sharing each others experience. According to Khosa, the Government is working strenuously on policymaking and is taking initiatives especially for broadband proliferation and beyond voice services in Pakistan. He said that we are targeting far-flung areas of Pakistan for provision of Broadband services and very recently President of Pakistan has inaugurated a broadband project in an underserved district of Pak Patan. A number of Fibre Optic projects are also underway and we have recently introduced services like easy payments and IP TV for local telecom users, he added. PTA in collaboration with LIRNEasia, Sri Lanka has organized a 2-day international event named Expert Forum on Mobile 2.0 Applications and Conditions. CEO LIRNEasia, Dr Rohan Samarajiva gave welcome speech to the participants of the forum. Delegations from around 20 countries including Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Thailand, Philippines and others comprising of 40 telecom experts, members of the Asian regulatory agencies, researchers, representatives from IT & telecommunication sector and media persons also attended the forum. Chairman PTA, Dr. M Yaseen said that Mobile 2.0 Conditions and Applications is an appealing subject especially in case of Pakistan where local mobile sector has been revolutionized in less than half a decade with the less than a million subscribers in 2004 and today we are standing at 97m and would be hitting 100m subscribers in another 3 to 4 months.