The government has announced two weekly holidays in all government offices and has devised a comprehensive plan to conserve energy and minimize the power outages. Our country is facing a major shortage of electricity and needs a wide-ranging overhaul of the system. The idea of two weekly holidays is good and might help because the offices, both government and private, are the major consumers of electricity. Look at banking institutions, for instance. In every branch of a bank no matter how remote it may be, there are five or more air conditioners installed to cool the place so that their customers can be in the lap of luxury when they come for business. Most government offices are also centrally air-conditioned and consume a grid station load of electricity. The two holidays a week would make a difference for sure. I wish to point out some of the discriminatory practices within the government offices themselves where a large number of semi government institutions already have two weekly holidays in tandem with the large private sector companies that do it as a matter of routine. But the same government enforces different rules in a lot of its other departments whose employees are asked to work six days a week. Now that all government departments would be working five days a week, that anomaly is removed. The government needs to be firm in resolve now like the Western countries which are committed to their policy decisions and dont revert policies every Friday. They work five days a week from 9 to 5 with full dedication and that is that. In our case, the government has increased working hours in rest of the week after decreasing one working day in the week. This is ridiculous. We should take decisions for the longer run and not go for a temporary short-time fix. I would expect from government to keep two holidays a week for keeps, rather than keep it till July 31, 2010. The working class should be trained to work with utmost dedication five days a week and relax for two days thereafter, like the whole world does. -MUHAMMAD WASEEM ELAHI, Islamabad April 25.