ISLAMABAD (PR) - A meeting of the Regional Management Team, FEDC Region, Islamabad, with the managers and managers operations of Islamabad branches, was held here at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Staff College. According to the bank press release issued here the meeting gave a unanimous vote of thanks to the President of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan for according an extension of one year in the service to Syed Ali Raza, President and Chief Executive Officer of NBP. The meeting marked the period of Syed Ali Raza as a president in NBP as their golden era in terms of broad-based welfare policies, employee satisfaction, corporate maturity and business excellence. The recently announced salary package for the bank employees was particularly appreciated by the meeting. The participants of the meeting appreciated the progress of the bank to become the only AAA rated bank in the country and the first bank approaching the high-mark of a trillions rupees deposits. The meeting rejected certain disgruntled elements within the ranks of the bank, which despite having been benefited from the bank have their own evil designs & myopic ambitions. They said that such elements criticise the bank management due to their malicious agenda for self-aggrandisement and that they worked entirely to weaken the national institutions on the behest of such elements.