BAJAUR AGENCY In Nawagai Khas area of tehsil Nawagai, a group of militants kidnapped five prominent pro-government tribal elders and shifted them at an undisclosed place. One of them was killed on Monday and his body was thrown near Nawagai bazaar. As per detail, according to the local people and political administration, on the other night, a gang of militants in tehsil Nawagai, picked up these five pro-government elders from their homes at gunpoint in Nawagai Khas area, about 30 km from agency headquarter Khar. A high official in the political administration informed this correspondent over telephone that these persons were apparently kidnapped by the militants and added that one Maulana Abdul Hakeem, an active anti-Taliban and pro-government leader, and a close relative of JUI-F Bajaur agency former Ameer Maulana Gul Dad Khan, was killed on Monday, and his body was thrown near Nawagai bazaar. The political administration personnel took the body of Maulana Abdul Hakeem from Nawagai bazzar and handed over to his hears. The administration said that the four elders, whose names could not be known, were still in the captivity of the militants, and the administration was trying for their safe recovery. The responsibility of the incident has not been taken by any of the militant group. Due to the incident a wave of fear and concern spread among the local people.