KARACHI - A project to take remedial measures for the restoration of Haleji Lake and other water bodies has been approved by the competent forum with the estimated cost Rs500 million. A sum of Rs70 million has been allocated in current budget FY2009-10, but the implementation are yet to be started as PDWP has not taken the project for its approval, officials said. The technical committee of the Planning and Development Department has cleared the project for final approval of the competent forum Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP). Official concerned told The Nation Technical Committee has instructed the Administrative Department concerned to consult all the Departments/Agencies concerned for the preparations of detailed designs and cost estimates before initiating works on the project and get their input. The forum concerned directed the implementing department Environment & Alternative Energy Department to modify the PC-1 with engaging the other stakeholders in execution of the scheme. The project detail would be modified accordingly as per decision of Technical Committee meeting and would be based on rationalization of the components including activities like hiring of Consultancy Services, durable equipments and staff etc. However, in the Phase-I, the department would focus on those activities which were related to the restoration of Lake. The executing department assured the Technical Committee that all concerned agencies like KWSB, Forest & Wild Life Department, Works & Services Department, Irrigation & Power Department, Culture & Tourism Department, Livestock and Fisheries Department would be approached and engaged/consulted for playing their due role in execution of activities of the Scheme in an effective way. However, it was also decided that Administrative Department to provide commitment of KWSB for operation and maintenance of the scheme with methodology and mechanism for execution of the Scheme and role of KWSB in implementation of the project. The forum raised a point that the KWSB which is the custodian of Haleji Lake in terms of Operation and Maintenance, therefore they have to commit to bear O&M expenses after investing funds through Development side, official said, adding that the Secretary Environment Department assured that the consent of KW&SB would be obtained from its Chairman who is the Provincial Minister of Local Government. Meanwhile, Planning and Development Department has questioned the estimated cost Rs300 million showed by the Environment Department in its project detail for this year, and sought the detail about availability of remaining amount of Rs230 million in current year. Moreover, Rs586.1 million have been shown for next year 2010-11 which may not be available as total allocation for Environment Sector in current ADP 2009-10 is Rs200 million, senior official of the Planning and Development Department said, adding that this needs to be decided as Competent Authority has decided to keep the Financial Phasing of the Schemes as per availability of funds. However, the Environment Department senior officials said that three years phasing would be carried out according to availability of funds, adding that since huge funds will be required in the financial year 2010-11, hence Department would not propose any new Scheme in the ADP 2010-2011 and efforts would be made to complete ongoing portfolio.