ISLAMABAD Defending champion Muhammad Sajjad as well as Asif Toba, Imran Shehzad and Asjad Iqbal moved to the semi-finals of the 2nd NBP National Ranking Snooker Championship here at the PSB Snooker Hall, Pakistan Sports Complex on Monday. Asif Toba defeated Abdul Sattar in the first quarterfinal 5-4 in a well-contested nine-frame affairs as the winner got the berth in the semi-final for the first time in the history of national ranking competitions. Asif was crawling behind at 3-4 after competing seven frames which he lost without scoring a single point while his challenger Abdul Sattar scored 60 points to make the match score 4-3 by playing classic shots. Asif Toba bounced back in the match by winning the eight frame at 63-24. The final score-line was 28-63, 87-39, 34-53, 72-23, 73-35, 37-85, 0-60, 63-24 and 62-38. In the second quarter-final, defending champion Muhammad Sajjad ousted Qasim Kamrani 5-1 to jump into the top-four slot of the national ranking snooker fixture. He won the first two frames comfortably at 61-08 and 65-28. Qasim claimed the only third frame of the match at 68-25 by displaying good game. Later, rest of the three frames claimed by Sajjad without nay resistance from his rival Qasim Kamrani. Sajjad showed his peak performance in the seventh, eighth and ninth frame and conceded just 39, eight and six points respectively in the last three frames. Sajjads remarkable show will be encouraging for him in the next round of the championship. Meanwhile, in the third quarter-final, Imran Shehzad trounced Sultan Muhammad in similar style 5-1 to reach the semi-final of the championship. Sultan lost only first frame at 45-53 but he did not allow his opponent to take breath of sigh during the next five frames. In the third frame, winners 77 point break was enough for him to unsettle his challenger. Asjad Iqbal pounced on Imran Qamar in the fourth quarter-final and showed him exit by claiming the victory 5-1. Asjad lost only third frame at 25-57 but he kept his control during the rest of time of the match. The final score-line was 58-47-, 83-07, 25-57, 57-02, 61-20 and 52-09. The semi-final will be played on Tuesday (today) at same venue and the final on Wednesday (tomorrow). Results: Mohammad Asif Toba (Punjab) beat Abdul Sattar (Sindh) 5-4 (28-63, 87-39, 34-53, 72-23-, 73-35, 37-85, 0-60, 63-24, 62-38). Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab) beat Qasim Kamrani (Sindh) 5-1 (61-08, 65-28, 25-68, 69-39, 93-08, 66-06). Imran Shehzad (Punjab) beat Sultan Muhammad 5-1 (45-53, 65-58, 95(77)-01, 61(54)-16, 72-60, 78(58)-08). Asjad Iqbal (Punjab) beat Imran Qamar (Punjab) 5-1 (58-47-, 83-07, 25-57, 57-02, 61-20, 52-09).