LAHORE - Franchised buses of various transport companies plying on the City routes have reduced stop-to-stop fare from Rs13 and fixed it at Rs10. Similarly, the fare of Rs 18 has been reduced to Rs 13 and Rs 22 to Rs 18 for various distances. The transport companies had decided to reduce the fare voluntarily. According to reports, ever since the local buses increased stop-to-stop fare from Rs10 to Rs13 last year, the cash collection decreased instead of increase in the profit. People were reluctant to travel in buses. They preferred travelling in wagons, which maintained the stop-to-stop fare at Rs10. People also used rickshaws for short distance travel instead of buses. Only the students, Police and those who were exempted from the fare travelled in the private buses. As such the transport companies decided to reduce the fares to the previous rate of Rs 10.The fares were reduced by New Khan, Premier, Niazi Express, Lahore Transport Company and others running the franchised buses in the City. However, they have deployed ticket checkers to check the passengers without tickets. The people have expressed satisfaction over the decision. They also urged for running more buses on city routes to provide relief to the citizens.