LAHORE The Lahore Zoo has always been an interesting place to the people but they feel perturbed by the absence of proper sanitation and certain facilities which have not been provided in this zoological garden yet. The periodic construction works at the zoo, bad smell, empty enclosures, inflated prices of eatables, and now the rising mercury level are said to be the reasons of this perturbation. In a survey conducted by the Nation, many visitors complained of empty cages, absence of facilities and lack of proper water-cooling facilities amid this sizzling weather at the Zoo. According to an estimate some 4000 people visit the zoological garden daily. The early arrival of the summer season has affected the animals as most of them are found hidden under shelters while some of them breathe with their tongue out. Approximately 1300 animals and birds are therein which are also affected by poor sanitation conditions and lack of cleanliness at various places. The dust and debris is seen scattered in the Zoo causing hurdles not only to the visitors but the staff and the animals alike. Ehtsham, a visitor who came with his family, was annoyed on account of problems created by construction work and improper arrangement for visitors. A number of the cages in the Zoo are without animals, which according to Lahore Zoo Director Muhammad Iqbal Khalid were not empty but the birds and animals from there were shifted to safe places. Some animals also looked infirm. An Australian tiger was found injured. The Zoo officials denied it saying Zoo had two veterinary doctors, two assistants and 10 internees to look after the animals. However, an employee on the condition of anonymity said that there were two doctors and six internees who were busy in managerial work instead of vet work. The Zoo canteens are resting areas for the visitors. It also has no inspection staff for food. According to visitors canteen owners were charging even more than what was displayed on the list. Water coolers were without water while glasses were not available. Some of visitors also complained for lack of seating arrangement and guidance for visitors. Most of the visitors came from far-flung areas in the hot weather but they found themselves trapped in hardships at the zoo.