CHIEF Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharifs resolve that corrupt leaders and builders mafia, which had looted the public wealth in the name of development works, would be forced to return the money is welcome. He expressed these views while inspecting the Lahore Ring Road, which would be opened for traffic on June 30. In particular, he pointed a finger at previous rulers who he maintained had swindled billions of rupees hoodwinking the people that they were spending the resources on development work. There should be little doubt that the redemption of the system and that of the country lies in a transparent and incorruptible leadership. And there is no better way of purging the political landscape of bad eggs other than forcefully driving them out by holding them accountable for their misdeeds. He referred to the LRR project and rightly said that those property dealers and contractors, who had been taking wrongful advantage of the project in order to make a quick buck, would be brought to book. However, on the other hand, the contractors are raising a hue and cry over non-payment of dues from the provincial government and have threatened to stop work on development projects across the province. The matter should be amicably resolved and if their demands are genuine, the government must not hesitate in making the payments. Indeed, unfair practices and racketeering in Pakistan have had a field day. Hardly a day goes by when bribery and kickback scandals do not make it to newspaper headlines. And there is hardly any department that is not infected with the virus. At the top, things are worse off as is evident from the NRO episode and the governments defiance of court orders. Little wonder, there is no such thing as good governance or fair play existing today. So the crusade the Chief Minister is vowing to wage against the scourge comes as good news and if executed in a fitting manner would make a lot of difference.