Sisyphean engineers and contractors are trying in vain to build a bridge to connect Murree Road with rural Shah Pur/Phulgran, a sector of rural Islamabad for the last two years. The effort is commendable but seems to have no foreseeable end in sight. The drilling and boring machines thunder day and night and give the impression that an equivalent of the Chinese Three Gorges Dam is under construction in this part of the world. Rainy season visits the site seasonally and causes floods which wash away whatever has been accomplished by the engineering wizards of the Capital Development Authority and their cohorts. Once the floods have flushed the area the committed workers of the contracting firms begin the formidable task of Sisyphus. Enormous amount of scarce funds has been wasted on this fruitless effort. A much smaller amount of money would have fixed the roads passing through the rural areas. While I do not dispute the sincerity of the city fathers there is ample reason to believe that the subject bridge will probably never see the light of day. In all fairness I humbly suggest that this project be suspended for the time being in favour of renovation and repair of the roads which will cost a negligible fraction of the millions being wasted down the drain. It is always better to do the doable instead of following the footsteps of Sisyphus. B A Malik Islamabad