The Wikileaks revelation that the US in its Guantanamo dossiers had put ISI on the list of terrorist organisations and had therefore considered anyone among the detainees in the Gitmo Bay having links with the agency as a terrorist only compels us to think that the so-called ally for which we have put our stability at stake merely to get in its good books is a veritable snake in the grass. Also at the same time it appears that the USs deliberate involvement in Wikileaks drama and the fact that such documents continue to make headlines the world over are meant as a ploy to keep the Pakistan government and its intelligence agencies constantly under pressure. On the other side of the spectrum, the head of the ISPR Major General Athar Abbas has angrily stated that the ISI has no links with militant organisations. He remarked that the ISI is a responsible agency and so are its officers. There are no two opinions on the fact that the ISI is subservient to the government of the day and works to guard the national interests. At a time when the country is rocked by terrorist attacks, and indeed the agencys offices and officers have been attacked by the miscreants, would it be sane to rank it as a terrorist agency? One also wonders what led the Americans to take this nonsensical view of the ISI because for one thing, immediately after the attacks on the twin towers, Islamabad pledged complete support to the US. The Army and the ISI afterwards gave the US a helping hand in catching a large number of terrorists, something that was so crucial that ultimately it helped reduce the threat to the US national security. Not only that but Pakistan was hit hard by a spate of mass-casualty attacks that continue to this day and thousands of innocent lives have been lost. It is strange, sad and outrageous that the US still considers ISI as a terrorist agency. It appears that the Americans are under the influence of New Delhi that only wants the US to be at daggers drawn with Islamabad and its intelligence agencies. Moreover, the Americans are accusing the ISI of liaison with the militant groups but is forgetting that they were the ones to create this Frankenstein monster during the Afghan-Russian war that is now running amuck around the globe. Though he avoided making a direct reference, General Abbass statement that intelligence agencies of many countries had in the past maintained ties with militant groups was a broad hint of this reality. Given the US intentions, further acceptance of its diktat and submission will be fatal and should be given up.