LAHORE-As the contours of a new power structure in the country have started unfolding in the form of new political alignments, there seems little place for the PML-N in the future set up. The 'long term partnership offered by the PPP to the PML-Q and also to MQM, leaves no room for Nawaz party to come to power in future even in Punjab where it is the single largest party at the moment. The new power-sharing formula devised by the PPP, not only applies to the present system, it will also be valid after the coming elections. According to a PPP source privy to the new developments, it caters to long term-interests of PPP, PML-Q, MQM and the ANP, and hence there is general agreement over it among these parties. It has been learnt that PPP is ready to give it in writing to all its future and present allies that future governments in provinces and in the Centre will be coalition governments and all will strive together to gain majority in the upcoming election battles. Analysts believe that another Charter of Democracy (CoD) is in the making, as the PPP and PML-Q are getting closer to each other with greater likelihood of MQM also joining them in the near future. The ANP is already part of the Federal government and will like to align itself with the PPP after the next elections as well. The PML-F of Pir of Pagaro will also feel convenient to work with the 'four-party alliance which is in the making. These four parties alongwith PML-F seem to be natural allies without any major ideological differences. The other four parties- PML-N, JI, JUI-F and PTI which ,otherwise, seem to be natural allies given their image of right wing parties-are less likely to unite on a single platform due to major differences among them. Though PML-N and PTI claim to have their own following among the masses distinct from religious vote, political analysts view that right wing vote will get divided among them and they will virtually 'eat up each other in the coming elections. PPP sources said that power-sharing arrangement between the two parties is focussed more on the future, though it also caters to present needs. They further said that PPP will not like to disturb PML-N government in Punjab despite the PML-Q becoming part of the Federal government after some time. 'The PPP and PML-Q have, however, reached an understanding to form their government in Punjab after the next elections, said the sources, who further disclosed that a formula for seat adjustments in Punjab and other provinces was also being devised to restrict the advance of PML-N in the coming polls. 'There will be coalition governments in the Centre and in the four provinces with PPP, PML-Q, MQM, ANP and PML-F as coalition partners, they said revealing further details of the future set up. It has also been agreed between the two parties that in case, PPP and PML-Q succeeded in forming their government in Punjab after the coming elections, the Chief Ministership will go to the former while latter will have its man in the Governors House.