Mr. Atta Rabbani former ADC to the Quaid-i-Azam in his article Ayub Khans blunders published in your esteemed paper on April 14, 2011 has listed seven points which I would like to correct. Imposition of martial law: It was not General Ayub Khan who imposed the first martial law but President General Iskandar Mirza by Proclamation of 7 Oct 1958, who abrogated the Constitution of 1956, imposed martial law and appointed General Ayub Khan as the Chief Martial Law Administrator. It could have been any other general if he was the Commander-in-Chief. Indus Water Treaty (1960): Mr. Rabbani states it was one sided. However, it was reached after extensive efforts with the World Bank and India. If it is felt that it was one sided then they should move for its cancellation. A few years back an Indian Minister made a statement for its cancellation on which Pakistan responded that this would be an act of war. Jeopardized Pakistans Security: He states the USA was allowed to establish a top secret base at Badaber and allowed U 2 spy planes to fly from Peshawar. Fact of the matter is that Prime Minister Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy approved it in 1957. Refused to start a nuclear programme: During the Ayub period the base for a nuclear programme was established under Dr. Usmani, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. 1965 Indo-Pak War: Mr. Rabbani casts doubts on Pakistans success. It is only if the loss by India of 200 tanks, 35 aircraft, 2763 soldiers killed, 8444 wounded 1507 missing against Pakistans 132 tanks and 19 aircraft lost, soldiers killed and wounded 3200, has to be considered a success. More Indian territory was captured by Pakistan, than we lost to Indian. Alienated the East Pakistanis: East Pakistanis were alienated by declaring only Urdu as the state language. Even the Quaid faced a difficult situation in March 1948 in the Dacca University when the students demanded Bangali also as a state language. As for defence of the East lies in the West, it proved a success in 1965. A few half hearted sorties were made by the Indian Air Force with no damage caused. There was not a single shot fired by the Indian army and Navy towards East Pakistan. There was no dearth of funds for East Pakistan. The problem was its absorption capacity and lack of infrastructure, which was glaring even on independence in 1947 compared to West Pakistan. Decade of development: This I agree was unnecessarily over played. Friends not Masters: This book may have been ridiculed by the opposition at the time but recently the book has been republished in Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. Harding over power to the Speaker was laid down in the constitution but the opposition was demanding the ouster of the President and his set-up. The recent uprising in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak has many similarities to the situation in Pakistan in March 1969. Hosni Mubarak could not hand over to his deputy nor to the Speaker. But if Ayub Khan did try to hand over to the Speaker, would General Yahya Khan have allowed? In any case no opposition party on 25th March 1969 demanded handing over power to the Speaker. Martial Law was welcomed by the opposition. GOHAR AYUB KHAN