A gang of eight bookmakers, allegedly involved in threatening former wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider, was arrested here in Sialkot on Wednesday, police said. The city police also recovered a huge cache of ammunition, telephone sets and other suspicious objects from the suspects. Superintendent Police (SP) Investigation, Nasir Qureshi, said that the suspects were operating from a building located in the Sambrial area of the city where they had built secret rooms hidden behind wooden cupboards. Police also recovered around 250 telephone sets, satellite transmission equipment, mobile phones and records of betting during different cricket matches, Qureshi added. According to the police, the arrested bookies belong to the group accused of threatening Zulqarnain. SP said that that the most of the arrested persons were residents of Sialkot and information being collected about them. "The identity cards of some arrested men have been taken, which and NADRA will be contacted for their confirmation," he further said. The police official said that after disclosures from accused the police has widened the scope of the investigation. He said during the interrogation, the bookies also threatened the police and said that they have contacts in very high places. According to the police, international calls were being made from the telephones that were being used by the bookies. The police said that the interrogation was still underway, and some serious disclosures are expected to be made.