Mr Javed Hashmi wants to rush into dividing the four provinces of Pakistan in up to sixteen.He wants it done before the next elections.I wonder why he wants to rush into it. M. A. Durrani and the Nawab of Bahawalpur want Bahawalpur to be a separate province.One hears voices for Multan to be a separate province.A Seraiki province has already been talked about.What is going on?Such demands can be contagious, unsettling the whole country. These people want to implement the policy of divide and rule.This is the policy powerful nations adopt in subject nations.Civilized nations unite their people mentally and geographically, gain strength, and move forward in a respectful manner.Division is disruptive.Muslims of this region have already been divided not so long ago; people cannot afford further division.Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) united the disintegrated Arabs.Unification of the fifty states of America is a more recent example. Our leaders must put national unity and strength before their personal grudges. They should behave as seasoned statesmen and not get into the character assassination of each other. They should have a solid plan for national reformation and focus their political struggle around it. SYED AQEEL SARWAR, Lahore.