ISLAMABAD: The PPP-led ruling coalition has geared up efforts for the reconstitution of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in accordance with the directives of the apex court. Sources privy to these developments told TheNation that the ruling coalition has started hunt for its nominees to be appointed as members of the ECP through consensus in the 12-member Parliamentary Committee headed by Syed Khursheed Shah. The committee has to select through parliamentary consensus for appointment of four members, one from each province as well as the next Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). The committee has framed its rules of business during first meeting held here earlier this month, sources said, adding: It would resume proceedings immediately after the government sends its nominees for selection of members. The government had to reconstitute ECP under Article 213 of the constitution under the 18th Amendment.Sources said the Committee would initially select four members for appointment, and would take up nominations for the appointment of CEC afterward, as the incumbent CEC who belongs to Hyderabad is to retire from the service in March next year. Since, there is no provision under the 18th Amendment for extension in service of the CEC, therefore the possibility of any extension is out of question. As per the procedure, the parliamentary committee set up by the government would discuss three names from each province to be provided by the government for selection and appointment of the four members of the ECP. The same criteria would be followed for the selection and appointment of the CEC and in case it fails in evolving consensus, then the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly would send nominations for selection through consensus. Sources said there would be no need of the Opposition Leader for sending his nominations because the 12-member parliamentary committee has due representation of all the parliamentary groups in the parliament.