LAHORE - All feudal lords should surrender the 70 per cent of their wealth to the Baitul Maal and the same should be used for the welfare of the poor, said a senior Christian leader and former minister J. Salik on Tuesday. Salik, who is Convener of the World Minorities Alliance, told reporters that the step he had proposed will not only help eradicate corruption but also restore peoples confidence in the state institutions. The former federal minister, Salik is known for using innovative methods of protest. Resurfacing from his self-imposed silence, the Christian leader was critical of the method of selection of minority representatives in parliament. It was introduced by Gen Musharraf. He demanded that all 10 minority representatives should be elected through balloting. Unless the system [selection of minority and women representatives] was changed, the status of the legislatures would remain questionable, he said. J. Salik demanded the revival of the 'national centres to inculcate nationalism among the younger generation.