ISLAMABAD - National Highway Authority (NHA) has succeeded in completing two of its major road projects in Balochistan, whereas progress of work on remaining two projects remained 50 per cent due to severe law and order situation in the area. In order to develop road network in the province, NHA Balochistan Road Development Project started two projects including widening and improvement of 231 km road section of National Highway (N-25) from Kalat to Chaman via Quetta. This project is divided into four packages; Kalat-Khad Kucha section, Khad Kucha-Quetta section, Quetta-Qila Abdullah section and Qila Abdullah-Chaman section, according to the information collected from NHA sources. It may be mentioned here these projects were awarded in 2006 and was to be completed by Dec 2009 and extended up to 31-08-2010. Although there was severity of law & order situation in the areas yet NHA has been able to complete 2 packages viz. Kalat-Khad Kucha and Quetta-Qila Abdullah section of the project. Sources said that NHA has been involved in the development of Road network across the country with the financial assistance of various development partners including Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank, JICA, China Exim bank, Islamic development bank and other. The development programs are implemented under various loan facilities provided by the donor agencies. The projects co-funded by the GOP and ADB and implemented by NHA are including Balochistan Road development Project, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP) Road Development Project, National Highway Development Sector Investment Program (NHDSIP) and National Trade Corridor Highway Improvement Program (NTCHIP) A total amount of US $ 59 million was utilized out of the US $ 85.6 million which shows 70 per cent utilization, they said. In KP, NHA started KP Road Development Project includes construction and widening of 144 km of Indus Highway (N-55) from D.I. Khan - Sara-i-Gambila and Dara Adem Khel- Badaber, D.I. Khan -Sara-i Gambila. The projects were awarded in 2007-8 and completion date was 31-12-2010. In these projects, they said, ADB co-funded the project with GOP and provided a loan of US$ 78.6 million. While, work on two contracts including one section of DI Khan-Sara-i Gambila road and Dara Adem Khel-Badaber road has been completed, and work on the second portion of DI Khan -Sara-i Gambila is in progress and around 10% construction work has remained on it.