oUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - The senior leadership of the Countrys major political parties is meeting this Friday in Islamabad to discuss the possibility of agreeing to a minimum framework for developing a consensus on a National Economic Agenda. The move to facilitate the political parties to agree on an Economic Agenda comes in the backdrop of the efforts of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) to seek an agreement on a common long term strategy for better management of the economy. The PBC has already met and shared its views on the need for a core National Economic Agenda with the leadership of the major political parties PPP, PML (N), PML (Q), & the MQM. Speaking to the press regarding the PBCs role in the process, Kamran Y Mirza, CEO of the Pakistan Business Council said The PBC is only providing a facilitating role in this exercise. nd its members feel strongly about the need for developing a common National Economic Agenda as an economically strong Pakistan is in the interests of its Citizens, which include PBC members. Further Mr Mirza advised caution, saying We should not expect Fridays meeting to be an end in itself. The political leadership and the PBC are aware that this will, at best, set the ball rolling. We should however take heart from the fact that this meeting is taking place and that all the major political parties are committed to moving Pakistan to the next level of development.