The drone attacks are killing indiscriminately with collateral damage of about 36 percent in the form of women and children. The drones are operated by remote control from a distance of several thousand miles. It appears as if people are being killed like partridges in a video game style without ascertaining the collateral damage. The protests by army and people go unheard as if ZaifikisazahaiMarg-i-mufajat according to the poet. However Pakistan is not Zaif like the last Mugal King, Bahadur Shah Zafar as Pakistan is a nuclear and missile power of no small capability. The rulers on the other hand lack courage to defend the citizens against blind power of USA to kill at will in our tribal areas, which shows utter impotence of our ruling parties. If the Government cannot protect the lives of its citizens it has no right to rule over the destinies of its hapless people.Dr. Muhammad YaqoobBhatti