NEW YORK - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon paid glowing tributes to Pakistani peacekeepers for their service in hot spots around the world and in upholding UNs values and goals after opening an exhibition of photographs celebrating 50 years of Pakistans participation in UN peacekeeping operations. The secretary-general spoke at a well-attended function at the Pakistan Mission to the UN where the exhibition was held, according to those who attended the event. The photographs depicted Pakistani soldiers and civilian administrators hard at work - building peace and bringing development in conflict zones. But for some inexplicable reasons, journalists were not invited to the function. Pakistani officials simply said that they dont know why the news media was kept out. One official said that space in the hall was the problem. Bans speech at the event was released by the United Nations, which provided advance copies to journalists. UN officials were also expressed surprise that there would be no one to cover their boss. In his brief tribute, Ban said, The United Nations has 100,000 peacekeepers deployed around the world. One in ten is Pakistani. To put this another way, Pakistan is just one of the UNs 192 Member States but it is deploying a tenth of our peacekeeping personnel. Noting that the first Pakistani peacekeeper served in the Congo 50 years ago, the secretary-general said Pakistans contribution has been consistent ever since, having served in 38 missions worldwide. They are involved now in nine of our most dangerous operations, with large contingents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Liberia, he told the gathering. Recounting the services rendered by Pakistani peacekeepers in conflict zones around the world, he said, Civilians who are able to live in peace thanks to the stabilising presence of these brave Pakistanis. I have watched them in action. I am profoundly grateful for their service, I see that same blend of strength and compassion in the images here today and in the eyes of your forces dedicated not only to keeping the peace, but to keeping alive the values and the goals of the United Nations all over the world.